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Schriftzug Andrea
Schriftzug Rawa


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About me

How nice that you are here, I am Andrea and my greatest vision is to touch people deep in their hearts and to make their soul potential visible in love, joy, lightness, joy of life and with a lot of empathy.


Ever since I was a child, it was normal for me to feel, see and perceive energies through media. For a long time I couldn't deal with this mediumship and had no one who could understand my perception. For fear of being declared crazy, I decided to live my afterlife contacts, as well as my contact with natural beings and my communication with light beings, in silence for myself.

I chose to study medical technology to become a radiology technologist, in which I was able to make the invisible visible through radiation (magnetic resonance, computer tomography, etc.).


For thirteen years I worked in a trauma hospital and gained deep insights through the trauma room and operating room. The balancing act between “the worlds” became more and more challenging, and I dreamed more and more often about the serious accidents that would happen the next day. During this time I was able to research and experience how the human soul behaves in the transition to and after death. I accompanied many people in intensive phases of life and began to educate myself in various areas such as craniosacral bodywork, Shiatsu, LomiLomiNui, osteokinetics, energetic spinal alignment, herbalism, kinesiology and much more.


Only when I allowed myself to fully live mediumship and as a wonderful gift did I feel that I had arrived on my soul path. From then on I felt understood and “at home”. After years of personal transformation, deep integration and reflection, I had the courage with all my heart to follow my soul's path.


I am endlessly grateful to be able to enjoy a very close to nature, grounded, easy and fulfilling life on all levels with my heart partner and our cat.


I love mountains, clear lakes, the oceans and nature in all its diversity and splendor of color. Especially all kinds of plants, flowers and animals. Of all the travels around the world, I found what I was always looking for in Hawaii - Maui - it was like coming home. I immersed myself in the HUNA teachings and learned the Hawaiian temple massage LOMI LOMI NUI.


The encounter with the whales in Moorea opened up another dimension of love and I remembered the star wisdom that was always hidden within me and felt this infinite unconditional love for everything that is. Through this coming home within me, my mission for this incarnation became even clearer: increasing the frequency and thus reminding people of their origins and activating their self-healing powers as well as developing and activating their inherent wisdom.


I am happy to be able to accompany you on your own heartfelt path.

with love   Andrea Rawa

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in your creative power

Grounded and in love with nature, it is my innermost joy to touch people deep in their hearts and thus remind them of their own divine creative power and make their soul potential visible. Because if we know who we really are and if we are deeply connected to ourselves again, peace arises from the inside out.


My job here is to accompany people into their holistic consciousness, to remind them where they come from, who they are and where they are going. Because we are beings of light in a turning point on earth and it is time to make paradise within us and thus on earth visible and tangible again.

Aloha nui au - because it's so easy to love you.

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Feedback from my clients

Working with Andrea is simply an experience.

She works so efficiently, sensitively and lovingly. Since our session I have felt free, reborn and light. I am full of strength and confidence again to tackle my new goals. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Andrea, for your wonderful work and this new attitude to life that you have given me. 💕

Joseph G.

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