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My  Offers

How nice that you are here. My calling is to accompany people to their full potential and their creative power. I am here to remind you of the spark in your heart and rekindle it, touching your heart deeply.

As a medium, I guide you into your creative power and act as a sensitive mediator between the worlds, always connected to the all-encompassing divine source of love. I work in harmony with the cosmic spiritual laws for the highest good of all. Each session is individually tailored to you and your current energies.


For me, the greatest gift after a session is to look into the sparkling eyes of the other person. So often, after one of my offers, the enthusiasm and joy of life for being in the here and now begins to return

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Wichtige Information

Für August sind die freien Live & Online Termine jederzeit

über den Buchungskalender buchbar.

Ich freue mich auf Dich :-)

Follow the wisdom of your heart

I neither promise healing nor do I heal. In the context of my work, in relation to any mention on my website, the terms “healing and healing” always refer to the self-healing powers inherent in humans, which I thereby address. With the recommendations, invitations, impulses and messages that I give, I encourage people to take responsibility and self-care.

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Vision Quest

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Transformation Intense

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Channeling mentoring

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That's what my clients say

Working with Andrea is simply an experience.

She works so efficiently, sensitively and lovingly. Since our session I have felt free, reborn and light. I am full of strength and confidence again to tackle my new goals. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Andrea, for your wonderful work and this new attitude to life that you have given me. 💕


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