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  • Andrea Rawa


Love is the messenger between the worlds. She is the connecting link between dimensions and she is the essence of all that is. Aloha means so much more than the word love.

Aloha also includes affection, charity, kindness, compassion, sympathy. Translated it also means the presence of breath or the breath of life.


ALO- the present of 


So it is a way of life in which you give yourself and all beings respect and love.

This begins by first loving our own being and the being associated with it and then recognizing this love on the outside in the other beings. Thus, lived Aloha also leads to peace in the world.

Aloha also means sending and receiving positive energies.

Taking and giving can always be in balance and thus harmony is created. Lived and shared Aloha multiplies and is automatically potentiated in the universe and perishes back to us many times over. This care for yourself and others is the basis that is lived in Hawaii and is always present. The philosophy of life is even anchored in the law with:

Akahai - Kindness

(expressed by delicacy) 

Lokahi: Unit

(expressed by harmony)

Oluolu: Amiable 

(expressed by kindness)

Haahaa: modesty

(expressed by unpretentiousness) 

Ahonui: Patience 

(expressed by endurance)

The people of Hawaii really represent to me an indescribable connection, generosity and honesty, love and lightness.

I am so fulfilled and grateful for all of the gifts I was able to experience in Hawaii and will take the Aloha spirit with me in every offer I make.

Mahalo Andrea 


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